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TRENDZ Unisex Salon

Interior Project

The new Trendz Unisex Salon at Nashik, seeks to redefine the personal care space of the city. The salon has been designed by EVA and holds true to our philosophy of creating artfully crafted, yet utility, designs that delight and serve at the same time.
The design of Trendz Unisex Salon employs a soft, minimalistic pastel and lighting to create a welcoming ambiance, while keeping the utility quotient of the space high. The interior of the salon exudes warmth and professionalism. The double levels offer ample workspace to cater to customers. Straight lines of the design create a chic setting vital for a personalized atmosphere for customers to enjoy their personal grooming routine.

EVA consistently thinks out of the box to create designs that are easy on the eyes and serve their primary purpose.

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