eva architects

Great designs emerge when passion, creativity and team work merge in a mélange of energetic exuberance. At EVA Architects, we design healthy buildings that stand apart in terms of aesthetic appeal and have a deep and positive impact on the people and its surroundings.

We do not follow a beaten-down path; instead, every new project is an exciting arena for us to showcase our talents and skills and we take up the challenge of creating new benchmarks. Apart from creating great designs and our penchant for attention to the smallest imaginable detail, we also measure our success in terms of the service we offer to our customers.

Be it a dream home, business space, a hospitality project or an educational project; we endeavor to design and create architecture that defines quality and class. We pride in our abilities to raise the bar daily; to do better today than we did yesterday, and to elevate the mundane into something truly extraordinary.